Ovens of France Woodbury, CT

Specialty Breads

Ovens of France Specialty Breads fresh daily.

Aritchoke & Swiss cheese Focaccia
Multigrain bread
Olive bread
Rye bread

Ovens of France in Woodbury uses only the finest ingredients in our bakery.
Breads are baked daily by Ovens of France bakers.

What's better than fresh baked warm bread from the Ovens  - of France?


Ovens of France pastries are made fresh daily with only the best ingredients available. Our bakery is open and fresh, watch our baker's rolling dough, cutting cookies, making croissants, and enjoy are fresh coffees. Be sure to try the chocolate croissant on our outdoor patio in Sherman Village.


Ovens of France offers fresh Seasonal Cakes and Pies hand made in our famous bakery. Organic locally grown fruit used in our fillings. Fresh local eggs and cream in delicious desserts.

Imported Cheeses

Ovens of France offers imported cheese from around the world. Only the best with all natural ingredients. Enjoy our fresh imported cheese on our own bakery fresh bread. Try Brie warm from the ovens with your favorite topping.


Ovens of France cooks soups from original recipes daily using the finest and freshest ingredients available. Everyday a new flavor soup for lunch and enjoy it with a fresh baked roll and oven fresh cookie.

Coffees & Teas

Ovens of France offers some of the freshest flavors of specialty coffees and teas from around the world. Join us early for a free cup of coffee before 8am. Endulge in a ham croissant, pastry or combination. Coffee or Tea with your favorite breakfest baked good.

Special Order

Ovens of France in Woodbury, CT will design a wedding cake to fulfill your special day with bakery fresh fruits and sweets. Ask about our special orders for cakes, pies, croissants filled with delicious chocoloate or ham and cheese. Ovens uses all fresh locally supplied ingredients to bake delicious desserts, cakes and pies.

Special orders accepted.